Cathy’s People Pic Of The Week Lands In Hardwick

Musician Lee Larson, right, who performs throughout Warren County, and her partner, Mary Anne Miller, enjoy a night out on the town. The two have lived in Hardwick for 18 years. They enjoy hiking the Kittatinny Ridge with their dogs and canoeing on White Lake. With its beauty, tranquility, verdant farms, abundant wildlife, and friendly people, they agree that Hardwick is a great place, with a great culture.

Mary Anne, adds, “After my long and often stressful work commute, I can’t express what a joy it is driving up the many hills to finally reach our treasured home in Hardwick.  Knowing the tranquility and beauty I can come home to every day sure makes my commute worthwhile. We’ve also come to know some great folks over the years who share our love of Hardwick’s peace and beauty.  Over the years, we’ve made some very special friends who we now call ‘family.’  They are all quite a blessing to us. I honestly couldn’t picture any other place I’d rather live and call home.

Cathy Miller has been photographing the people of the Warren County area for many years. Her work has appeared in local newspapers, magazines, newsletters and at In addition to people, Cathy is renowned for her work photographing public and private events, working with non-profit organizations, with music, and with food and restaurants. To contact Cathy Miller, email

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