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A gateway and panoramic window to the Skylands of New Jersey!  What a beautiful view!! AND YES!!, This is our beautiful New Jersey!!  Our beautiful Warren County, NJ.

Before I begin our photo tour and description of this site, I want give the designers and builders of our country’s Interstate Highway System, lots of credit and a big, THANK YOU!!   Thank you, for taking that extra step, the effort, time and expense, in creating these beautiful and important ‘Scenic Overlooks’.  These overlooks which provide the visitor/traveler, an opportunity to ‘Take it All in’, thus getting a clearer perspective of a region’s natural assets, along with its cultural heritage, all on display together, ALL, within one grand panoramic picture!  While at these overlooks, safely away from the hustle and bustle of the busy highways, a visitor may repose, begin to look, for all the smaller pictures within the vast panorama.  Whether it be, a tiny farm hidden amid its vast surroundings, or, a large distant mountain range, which frames, the distant horizon, creating a beautiful border between the landscape and the sky!  In all cases, these scenic overlooks provide the visitor, an opportunity for a nice visual visit during their busy journeys!  REMEMBER, Charlie says:  ‘There are many pictures within each panorama’ – ‘Take the time to look’!!

Now, let me introduce you to why, the I 80 Scenic Overlook, is one of my favorites!!  First, WHAT A VIEW!!  This overlook sits almost atop Allamuchy Mountain facing west, looking out over a twenty mile panorama!!  Think about this.  The overlook is within Allamuchy Mountain State Park, you are looking over the beautiful Open Space and preserved farmlands of Allamuchy Township, just beyond the closest ridge, tucked out of sight, is beautiful Panther Valley. Did you know, 85% of Allamuchy’s population resides in PV?  The next mountain you observe is Jenny Jump State Forest, home of Ghost Lake and the infamous, Shades of Death Road!  Beyond Jenny Jump’s ridge, you see the beautiful forests and farmlands of Warren County, IF, you look closely, you can see portions of I80 meandering through the panorama, as it stretches west towards the distant Delaware Water Gap.  On a clear day, you can look through the Water Gap and see the Pocono Mountains in PA.  Looking through the Gap, remember, Mount Minsi is to the left, located in PA and Mount Tammany is to the right, in NJ.  (NOTE: Mt Tammany, that should ring a bell, Photo of the Week!, we visited there last Monday!!)  Also keep in mind, the distant mountain range is within Worthington State Forest and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  There are not many overlooks with that resume of Sites/Sights!!

I am wondering how many of you are familiar with OR, have actually visited the I 80 Scenic Overlook!!  I am hoping, that maybe, after reading, the above description & after viewing some of the photos, you may actually contemplate visiting this grand scenic overlook!!  Your photo tour comprises of Autumn, Winter and Summer photos at and from the overlook, then I went through my many sunset albums with photos taken from the overlook, to add some color and interesting hues for your visits.  Finally, I went through my ‘Different Perspective Album’ which has some photos of the site, with fog, haze, storm clouds etc..  All in all, I think you will enjoy your visit!!

In closing, let’s see – We have visited the Southwest corner of Warren County meandering up, down and thru the Water Gap and today we are in the Northeast portion of Warren County with its beautiful views!!

Question – Wonder where we will be next week!!?? Answer – Somewhere ‘Inside Warren’

Enjoy Your Open Space

Charlie Fineran

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