Cub Scout Pack 222 Announce Derby Winners

Winners from the 2016 Mansfield Cub Scout Pack 222 Pinewood Derby include, at top (L-R) Lukas Liakhovitch, Richard Lalevee, Sean Briganti, Jackson Ghio, and bottom (L-R) Nicholas Staada, Ethan Drazek, Matthew Jupiter.

Cub Scout Pack 222 from Mansfield Township held its annual Pinewood Derby on Friday, Jan. 29 at the Mansfield Township Elementary School in Port Murray.

All cars racing in the derby were modeled from Official BSA Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kits which the Cub Scouts then modeled and painted to their liking. Each car also must pass inspection prior to race night to ensure they meet certain minimum and maximum weights and measurements.

Each car ran in six heats during the night.

The top winners of Pack 222’s 2016 Pinewood Derby are listed below with their car name and time:


1st Place – Richard Lalevee – Collateral Damage (3.0443 Seconds)

2nd Place – Ethan Drazek – Shooting Star (3.1625 Seconds)

3rd Place – Nicholas Staada – Moo-Stache (3.1765 Seconds)

4th Place – Jackson Ghio – Mr. Potter (3.1825 Seconds)


Rounding out the Top 10 were the following racers:


Tie – 5th Place – Nicholas Briganti – The Dragon and Lukas Liakhovitch – Darth Vader

7th Place – David Kocsor – Thunder

8th Place – Michael Drazek – Blue Falcon

9th Place – Nathan Misertino – Aye Aye

Tie – 10th Place – Elliot Ghio – The Thunder Bolt and Aiden Knickerbocker – The Amazing Green


In addition, the Funniest Design went to Matthew Jupiter (Sharknado) and the Most Creative Design went to Sean Briganti (SS Awesomeness).

The top five cars from the pack have the opportunity to race at the Forks of the Delaware District Race on March 19 in Belvidere.

Learn more about Mansfield Township Cub Scout Pack 222 by visiting the pack online.

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