DiMaio Named to State Budget Committee

Assemblyman John DiMaio

Assemblyman John DiMaio (23rd District), who represents parts of Warren, Somerset, and Hunterdon Counties, has been appointed to the vital New Jersey Assembly Budget Committee.  

The Assembly Budget Committee hears budget requests from the numerous state departments and then prepares a final budget package for a vote of the General Assembly. 

DiMaio will continue to serve as the Republican Appropriations Officer on the Assembly Appropriations Committee, but his experience in budgetary matters has run deep for many years. The former longtime Mayor of Hackettstown later became a freeholder in Warren County before being chosen Assemblyman. As an Assemblyman, DiMaio has met with many business people about their concerns and thoughts about doing business in New Jersey. Additionally, DiMaio periodically goes on “Business Tours” when he visits downtowns and other business districts in an effort to offer busy business people a chance to speak with the Assemblyman one-on-one.    

“I’m very excited and humbled by this appointment I view it as a great responsibility,” said DiMaio. “I feel I have a lot to offer as a member of the committee with my background spanning from local to statewide. And as a small businessman myself, I pay close attention to details. So when it comes to the state budget you know I’ll be looking things over very carefully.   

“It’ll be challenging because as we all know our state continues to struggle in terms of revenue growth,” continued DiMaio, owner of a family-run construction company. “Economic conditions are improving, but we definitely still have a lot of work to do.” 

DiMaio has offices in Bridgewater and Washington.

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