Experts Tackle Fake Or Real News Question

By Jack Reinhard

Fake news is a hot-button topic that everyone seems to talk about these days. Nowadays, the public is too often relying on information from unreliable sources. How does one sort through the uncertainty to learn the truth?  Regional media experts recently tackled that question in a special lunch ‘n learn meeting sponsored by the Washington Business Improvement District (WBID) in April. 

The media panel included WRNJ Radio News Director Joyce Estey; Express-Times and Lehigh Valley Live Editor Jim Deegan, and Warren County Community College Communications Professor Karen Hillyer. They all weighed in on “Is it Fake – or Real – News.”   The group offered attendees tips on how to filter through the news and evaluate the accuracy of news stories for themselves. They provided real-life examples that had impacted them and described how they went about resolving the issue.  After speaking the group entertained questions from the audience for a lively discussion.  

In photo, Washington Business Improvement District Executive Director John Monteverde, left, and WBID President Monika Hamburger, right, with L-R media experts Joyce Estey from WRNJ Radio, Jim Deegan from the Express-Times and, and Karen Hillyer from Warren County Community College.

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