Family Finds Success In WCCC Nursing Program

Left to right are WCCC nursing alumna Sarah Polizzi, current nursing student Austin Polizzi, and alumna Kaitlyn Mann.

Students in Warren County Community College’s Nurse Education Program often become like family, but sometimes the program really becomes a family affair. 

Austin Polizzi will graduate this coming May with his associate’s degree in Science in Nursing from the highly competitive program. 

“I was drawn to nursing school because of my family’s extensive roots in healthcare,” he said of one of his motivations to take on the program. His father, a physician, and mother, a nurse, fostered an early interest in the medical field. But, he admitted, “I’d be lying if I said that my wife and sister-in-law didn’t play a role in my decision to enroll in the WCCC nursing program.” 

That’s because his wife, Sarah, graduated from the program in 2013 and his sister-in-law, Kaitlyn Mann, graduated last May. 

“I am so excited that my sister is a nurse and my husband will be a nurse in a couple months,” said Sarah, who now works for Easton Hospital and the Hunterdon Center for Surgery. 

The three grew up together in Stewartsville and all shared a wish to help people in their future professions. Initially, Sarah thought she would become a teacher, but when her mom suggested she might like being a nurse instead, she realized “it was a perfect fit for me.” 

“From that point on I had put all my focus and attention into nursing,” she said. “I love helping others and just love learning about the medical field, it is such an interesting profession and there is always so much to learn. 

Kaitlyn, who now works at Easton Hospital and in a telemetry unit, says she has “always had an interest in being a nurse because I have a passion for working with and caring for people,” so when it came time for her to choose a program to attend, her sister’s success at WCCC played a large part in her decision to apply local. 

Accredited by the New Jersey Board of Nursing and Accreditation Commission of Education in Nursing, Inc., the Nursing Program at WCCC has earned a strong reputation. The program prepares students not only for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Registered Nurse Licensure examination (NCLEX–RN), but for an array of entry-level positions. 

It was this preparedness that really sold Austin on the program. 

I saw that they were both well-equipped after graduating and had smooth transitions into a job within the same year,” he said. “With all the options for different careers, you can easily move around until you find one that ‘clicks’ with who you are and how you want to utilize what you’ve learned. 

The Nurse Education Program blends traditional in-class lectures with hands-on clinical site visits to create an experience that fully prepares students for their careers. 

Admission to the Nurse Education Program is highly competitive and students must fulfill special admission requirements. Please contact the WCCC Office of Student Services at (908) 835-2300 for complete admissions information.

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