Hills Coalition Forms Parent, Youth Prevention Group

The Warren Hills Community Coalition (WHCC), a program of the Family Guidance Center, has formed a group for parents to stop and prevent drug use in their schools and community. The group, “Warren Hills Parents for Prevention,” was formed in mid-December on Facebook and already has more than 100 members. 

The Parents for Prevention Facebook group was developed because it is important to provide parents and guardians with tools and resources they need to prevent the abuse of drugs and alcohol within their families.” said Liz Montalvo, Warren Hills Community Coalition Coordinator. “Parents are the most powerful protective factor in the lives of their children and the Coalition is committed to helping them be as influential as possible.” 

The Warren Hills Community is not exempt from the impacts of the drug crisis currently sweeping the state and the country. 

“It is time for our community to come together to combat this crisis and create a safe place for children to grow and develop,” added Montalvo. The Warren Hills Parents for Prevention group creates a place for parents to offer each other support and to communicate their substance use related questions, concerns and experiences.   

The WHCC will also be using the group as a platform to be empower members to be part of the solution and increase awareness of the dangers, signs and symptoms associated with substance use and abuse.  The Coalition will also provide group members with the knowledge, tools, and confidence necessary to start the conversation about drug and alcohol use with their children.  When parents understand the truth about underage drug and alcohol use, it is possible to protect children from many of the dangers associated with underage drinking.   

The Warren Hills Parents for Prevention group is one of many steps the WHCC is taking to bring the community together.  The Coalition has also started a Youth Coalition at Warren Hills Regional High School called, M.I.B. (Make it Better).  This is a youth-led group that formed after many students were inspired by Keith Hawkins at the 5th Annual Teen Summit, hosted by the WHCC in October.  These students left the Teen Summit committed to creating a safe and supportive environment within their school to prevent the use and abuse of substances by their peers. 

“High Schoolers today feel pressured to fit in, hide their feelings and follow the crowd.  Many students do things they do not want to and don’t believe in just to fit in.” said one of the group’s founding members.  M.I.B.’s goal is to put an end to that by creating an environment where it is okay to not be okay and educating their peers on the dangers of substance use and abuse.       

To learn more or to join the Warren Hills Parents for Prevention group contact Liz Montalvo, Warren Hills Coalition Coordinator, at email emontalvo@fgcwc.org. 

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