Hope Twp Mayor Elected as HMC Advisory Board Chair

Hope Twp Mayor Tim McDonough (pictured), has been named the chairman of Hackettstown Medical Center's newly formed advisory board.

Timothy C. McDonough, mayor of Hope Township and active community member, has been elected chairman of Hackettstown Medical Center’s newly formed advisory board. The hospital is the most recent to join Atlantic Health System.

Prior to Hackettstown Medical Center’s transfer of ownership to Atlantic Health System on April 1, McDonough had been a member of the hospital’s previous board of directors for five years.

The advisory board is charged with studying and making recommendations related to Hackettstown Medical Center’s services and facilities, monitoring the capital budget, reviewing and overseeing quality and community benefit initiatives.

In addition to McDonough, the advisory board includes other community members, including Bogden Bienki, Jason Coe, Eric Cross, Michael Halpin, Dr. Clay Hinrichs, Michael Lavery, Dr. Barbara-Jayne Lewthwaite, Ray Nisivoccia, Glenn Tippy, James Travis, and Norman Worth.

McDonough resides in Hope Township, where he also serves as mayor – an elected position he has held since 1989, making him one of the longest-serving mayors in the state. He is a public finance expert and has years of experience working with national, state, and local government leaders.

McDonough is a past president of the New Jersey League of Municipalities and of the New Jersey Conference of Mayors. Throughout his career, McDonough has served on numerous boards; he has extensive experience with government relations and other specialties.

“We’re very fortunate to have Tim McDonough as Chair of Hackettstown Medical Center’s Advisory Board,” stated hospital president Jason Coe. “Tim has a wealth of experience in many areas and he has a clear understanding of the unique issues facing healthcare today.”

“Tim is a proven leader with vision and a genuine desire to pursue what’s best for Hackettstown Medical Center and the patients we serve,” added Coe.

McDonough expressed great enthusiasm for his new role as chairman and for Hackettstown Medical Center: “I know Atlantic Health System well through my work, and I’ve always thought that Hackettstown would be a great fit in this system – I’m so pleased that it finally came about.”

McDonough is also a volunteer firefighter with the Hope Fire Department. As one of his many goals, McDonough hopes to utilize his personal experience and relationships with other first responders and government leaders to help Hackettstown Medical Center further develop relationships and encourage communication in these circles.

McDonough has long been an advocate for Hackettstown Medical Center, as he describes “outstanding” care received by his family at the hospital. “We’ve got a gem here in Hackettstown Medical Center – a great hospital is getting even better, and we have a great story to tell as we move forward.”

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