Loyal Smith Motors Customers Heading To Disney

Alberta and Ed Gallagher, of Mountain Lake, will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary at Disney World after winning a vacation giveaway from Smith Motors.

Alberta and Ed Gallagher of Mountain Lake, center, were the grand prize winners of the Smith Ford Motor Company’s 90th Anniversary vacation giveaway promotion this winter. Dubbed by Jeff Smith as “one of our most loyal customers”, the Gallaghers were randomly chosen in a special drawing held at the Route 31, Washington, showroom on February 20. In the photo, the Gallaghers are flanked by John Smith, on left, and Jeff Smith. The Gallaghers are indeed loyal. They noted that they have purchased every car and truck they’ve had since being married from Smith Motors, except for one time. The prize came at just the right time for the Gallaghers, celebrating their 55th anniversary this year. They are going to use the vacation package to celebrate their anniversary with a trip to Disney World in the fall.

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