Oxford Central Pledges To Be Above The Influence

Students at the Oxford School encouraged fellow students to be "Above the Influence" during a special presentation at the school recently. Among the students were Michael Hoffman, Alyssa Cupo, Tatiana Santiago, Jaelynn Miller, Emily Ferreira in back and in front, Avery Nixon. Unavailable for the picture were Damien Corleto and Zachary Roth.

Oxford Central School held Above the Influence Day on Oct. 27. This national event encourages students to live above the negative influences in their lives, including drugs, alcohol, bullying, gossip, and more.

The students of Oxford Central’s Above The Influence Club decided to conduct a school-wide event to celebrate Above the Influence Day and to spread the awareness of the Above the Influence campaign.

The members of the club identified negative influences they see in their school and community and spoke with all of the students at Oxford Central School about living above these negative influences. The topics included “Be Above Hate,” “Be Above Drama,” “Be Above Peer Pressure,” “Be Above Bullying,” “Be Above Smoking,” and “Be Above Drugs.”

Each student created a poster and a speech about the topic to present to students during lunch on the 27th. The posters and speeches discussed the dangers or consequences of engaging in these behaviors and what students can do to live above these influences. Afterwards, students of Oxford Central School took a pledge to live above the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Here is the pledge the students signed:

“I Pledge to Live Above the Influence
I pledge to live above the influence of drugs and alcohol.

I pledge to live above negative influences, such as: bullying, gossip, judgment, and criticism.
I pledge to live above the influence by respecting myself, my body, and my life.
I pledge to live above the influence by being a positive role model for my friends and peers.”

The program was coordinated by the Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities, Warren County Branch, under the direction of Prevention Connections,  a program of the Family Guidance Center of Warren County. For more information about the Coalition and what it has to offer, please call (908) 223-1985.

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