Pirates Invite You To Land of Make Believe’s Annual Memorial Day Weekend Grand Opening 

 All the flying pirates invite you to Land of Make Believe for its Grand Opening Weekend of the Hope amusement park and enjoy all the hidden treasure of fun to be found there. Really though, there is nothing hidden about the treasure at Land of Make Believe because this is a place where memories are created and “treasured” for generations to come.

The Grand Opening Weekend takes place over the Memorial Day holiday, Saturday through Monday, May 27-29.

Land of Make Believe’s Pirate Themed Waterpark is filled with “Pirate” rides such as Pirate’s Escape, Pirate’s Peak, and the new Queen Anne’s Revenge. But the Pirates are even taking over some land at the park this year, with the newest ride,  Blackbeard’s “Flying Pirate Ship” is a perfect “sailing” experience for young children who want to ride with the Neverland Pirates.

Land of Make Believe blends Pirate themed water attractions with amusement park favorites like the 1864 Civil War Train, Grand Carousel, Thriller Roller Coaster, Talking Scarecrow, and Old McDonald’s Farm, with the newest rides like Drop ‘n’ Twist and Rockin’ Tug. Land of Make Believe is the ultimate family amusement park experience for Mom, Dad & Kids, and Grandparents, too!

The 2017 season marks the park’s 63rd Anniversary of entertaining generations of visitors and creating unforgettable memories.

Located in Hope Township, the park has remained the region’s most popular family fun destination for over six decades. Generations of families keep coming back: the same grandparents visiting the park with their grandchildren are often continuing a tradition from their own childhoods.

The park has been family-owned since day one.  An educator specifically designed Land of Make Believe so parents and children could  participate together. It was the first park in the United States with this objective in mind.  Land of Make Believe is always changing and growing while also staying true to its roots with parental participation in a clean, affordable and wholesome environment.

Located in a picturesque setting with valley, mountains, and forests, Land of Make Believe has always been a leader in ecotourism in Warren County. It financially supports and protects 450 acres of open space, preserving it for generations to come.

Land of Make Believe opens for the season Memorial Day Weekend, then is open weekends until June 17, when it is open daily through Labor Day Weekend. For more information about the park visit www.LOMB.com or call (908) 459-9000. Be sure to LIKE the Land of Make Believe on Facebook page, too (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Land-of-Make-Believe/107546209274773).

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