Project Teach Students Kick Off Sticker Shock Program  

Warren County Project Teach students in late April kicked off “Project Sticker Shock”, a youth-led initiative to change adult attitudes about selling and providing alcohol to minors at Warren County Discount Liquors in Washington. 

This public awareness project is sponsored by the Warren Hills Community Coalition, a program of the Family Guidance Center, to bring attention to the issue of underage drinking and  adults who provide alcohol to minors.  The message of this year’s campaign is “What we permit… we promote”, which directly challenges adult attitudes and social norms about selling and providing alcohol to minors.  

“As a Coalition, we work diligently and passionately to create a safer, healthier community for our young people to grow and develop,” said Liz Montalvo of the Warren Hills Community Coalition. ”The Sticker Shock Project is one of the many campaigns we initiate at the beginning of the prom and graduation season to accomplish this goal and encourage parents and teens to be safe.”  

Three participating students from Project Teach, Michael Batcha, Victoria Grosinski and Brianna Zink (pictured here, L-R).agreed that “It is important that we try to reduce underage drinking and alert our community of the consequences that come with alcohol.” 

The “Warning” stickers placed throughout area liquor stores serve as a strong reminder that providing alcohol to minors is illegal and doing so comes with serious consequences.  In the state of New Jersey, providing alcohol to a minor can result in up to $1,000 in fines and a 6 month jail sentence.  Underage drinking is a community problem requiring members from the community to be part of the solution.  The Sticker Shock Program brings adults, youth and local retail stores together to combat the prevalence of underage drinking and help to make the Warren Hills Region a safer, healthier community.   

For more information about this and other Coalition projects, visit or call 908-223-1985.  

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