Realtors Make ‘Artsy’ Donation In Oxford

The Oxford Central School recently received new Art supplies from the Warren County Board of Realtors and their Community Outreach Committee. The Outreach Committee members there for the presentation were Linda Simpson (pictured on left) and Jeannie Luongo (back row center). Also on the committee, but not available for the photo, are Sondra Romona, Lauren Schaeffner, Karin White, William Cogan, and Katie Riley. The Warren County Board of Realtors organizes a number of community projects throughout Warren County each year and this year chose Oxford Central School to receive the supplies for the Art program.  In the photo third and fourth grade students from the Oxford Central School, Art Teacher Leslie Nemeth(R) and Chief School Administrator Bob Magnuson were on hand for the presentation by the Realtors.

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