Ron Jaghab Creates 25 Years Of Memories

Ron Jaghab, who started HTV Media Productions 25 years ago, has seen a shift from family events to web-based business video content over the years.

When Ron Jaghab left the telecommunications industry to start his own video company, it was with the intention of producing moving memorable moments that last forever.

Twenty-five years later, HTV Media Productions has morphed into one of Northwest New Jersey’s most successful video companies, shooting film style special events, television commercials as well as what was once called “business video,” now better known as video content for the web.

“Media (video) content is truly king,” Jaghab states.  “The gods of Google say so.”

“While we still do the ‘family events’ we are doing much more with businesses as video content has become more and more important for websites, marketing, and social media outreach,” added Jaghab.

The idea for HTV Media Productions came to life in 1990 and moved into full force production by the following year.

“We’ve been on the go ever since,” said Jaghab.

Jaghab said that one thing has remained the same for HTV Media Productions, with offices on Route 46 in Hackettstown, from day one. The work is all about the people and telling their stories.

“We are in the ‘people business’ – people telling their personal story to the world. We are still in the people business today – people telling other people something important, whether it is about who they are, what they do or what they sell, video services continue to tell the story – your story!”

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but HTV Media Productions provides video worth much more.

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