Smith Motor Offers High School Scholarships

Charles C. Smith loved his cars. But the founder of the Smith Ford Motor Company in Washington, still run by the Smith family, also loved to help people, and particularly young people.

Smith, who passed away several years ago, wanted to make sure he left a legacy for the young people of the community and that is in the form of the Charles C. Smith Education Foundation’s annual scholarships. High School seniors from Warren Hills Regional High School and North Hunterdon Regional High School, are eligible for the 4-year scholarships worth a total of $10,000 per student.

Last year’s well-deserving recipients were Anne Marie Ward and Megan Conner, graduates of Warren Hills and North Hunterdon respectively.

“Our grandfather truly had a love for the community,” agreed Jeff and John Smith, both of whom work at the Ford Dealership on Route 31. “He was there for his friends and for those who needed help.”

Over the years, scholarships have been awarded to dozens of students, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Charles Smith was indeed community minded throughout his life.  In addition to serving on bank boards, he was also long active in civic and business affairs, Smith was a Rotarian for many years, and was a member of the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce, to name a few.  He was also a huge supporter of numerous charitable organizations, giving generously to programs aiding victims of burns, disabled children, and underprivileged blind, deaf, and otherwise handicapped persons.

In 1973 he established the Charles C. Smith Educational Foundation, a non-profit, income tax exempt, charitable corporation, which, through a Board of Trustees, with the cooperation of the academic supervisors of Warren Hills and North Hunterdon high schools, has since annually awarded a number of four year scholarships.

Many young people have benefited from the Foundation. It was always important to Smith to help today’s youth gain the knowledge and skills they will need to become tomorrow’s leaders in America’s never ending pursuit of happiness through excellence. His dream lives on! Further information and assistance in applying for the Charles C. Smith Foundation Scholarship may be obtained from the guidance department at Warren Hills and North Hunterdon.

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