Warren Hills Area Plants A Promise

This year the Warren Hills Community Coalition, a program of the Family Guidance Center of Warren County, recognized Red Ribbon Week by organizing the “Plant the Promise” project with elementary school students from the Franklin, Washington Borough, and Washington Township School Districts.

During Red Ribbon Week, red ribbons are worn as a visible symbol of the promise and commitment towards living a drug free life. In the “Plant the Promise” project, students used red tulips instead of red ribbons to show their commitment to living drug free. The project gave students the opportunity to plant red tulip bulbs with their classmates and make a promise to themselves to live drug free, make good decisions and take care of themselves so that they grow up to see their bright futures come to life. In the spring, when the flowers bloom, the students will be able to see the results of their hard work and the red tulips will serve as a reminder of the importance of the promise they made and the beauty of a drug free life.

The “Plant the Promise” project was a huge success in the Warren Hills region due to the support and participation of the community. The Peer Leaders from Warren Hills Regional High School led the project with the 6th graders from the Franklin Elementary, Washington Township and Washington Borough School Districts and 2nd graders from Port Colden Elementary School. The Peer Leaders delivered the campaign’s message for 2017 to them, which is “Your Future is Key, Stay Drug Free.”

The Peer Leaders and the Warren Hills Community Coalition will make regular visits to the elementary schools between October and April to continue to educate the students on the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco and the importance of doing the right thing because the future is the key.

For more information please contact the Warren Hills Community Coalition at emontalvo@fgcwc.org.

(Photo: Peer Leaders from the High School and 6th grade students at Brass Castle.)



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