WCCC Graduates Cited With Special Awards

It was a day to remember for Warren County Community College graduate James Crouse. He along with many of his fellow graduates started the day off by being recognized for their their academic and social achievements during the 2016-17 academic year at a special ceremony, and then receiving degrees at commencement.

Among the special award-winners was Crouse, who received the Trustees Award, Benjamin Volk, recipient of the President’s Academic Award, and Rhonda Thomas-Boothe, who was presented with the Foundation Directors’ Award for Student Achievement.

Crouse, the president of student government during the past year and the student speaker at graduation where he gave a stirring speech about his overcoming of addiction, also received the American Psychological Association Award.

In all, over 20 students were cited for the excellent efforts during the past year.

“I really feel like this is the most outstanding class ever,” WCCC President Dr. Will Austin said. “You have all achieved academic excellence, and perhaps more importantly, have excelled in many other ways as well, from becoming community and college leaders to leaving a mark that fellow graduates to come will want to follow.”

In addition to those mentioned above, the full listing of award-recipients includes:

Alvin Sloan Service Award, Thomas Schnezler

American Psychological Association Award, Crouse and Jennifer Fowles

Dedication Award, Raphael Izzolino

Perseverance Award, Erika Hollinger

Academic Excellent Award, William Morgan

EOF Award, Ashley Papazian

VIPER Award, Matthew Backes

Elementary & Secondary Education Award, Rebecca Erz

Early Childhood Award, Jayne Houston

Ars Poetica Award, Andrew Acuna

Literary Award, Austin Eisele

Computer Information Services Award, Manley Beaubrun

Graphic & Web Design Award, Jane Brady 

College Service Award, John Reinhard

Alumni Association Award, Thomas Conklin

Business Award, Carin Ganova

Diligence Award, Kyle Back

Food and Beverage Management Award, Fhatuma Camara

Math Award, Christopher Danberry

Fine Arts Award, Sarah Fielder

Science Award, Cameau Charleus

Veteran Award, Vincent Rivera

Outstanding Service Award, Jack Zastowny 

WCCC has been serving Warren County since 1981, providing an affordable, high quality education in a broad range of fields of interest. For more information about WCCC and its degree and non-degree programs, visit www.warren.edu.

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