Bredin, New Businesses Honored by WBID

Marian Bredin (center) is surrounded by employees of Good Impressions Printing & Mailing at a recent Washington Business Improvement District Recognition Meeting. Photo by Cathy Miller.

Marian Bredin, as well as several new businesses and Stew’s Auto Body, were honored by the Washington Business Improvement District at its annual Business Recognition Meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 4. Bredin, owner of  Good Impressions Printing & Mailing and the town newsletter, The Messenger, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award while Stew’s Auto Body received an award for its commitment to the community and cited for its donation of services, time, and activities to various Washington functions.

Stew's Auto Body was recognized for the business's dedication to the community.

Stew’s Auto Body was recognized for the business’s dedication to the community. Photo by Cathy Miller.

Also acknowledged at the Reception were four now established new businesses in Washington: ARCANA Toys & Games, Juanito’s Mexican Restaurant, RE/MAX, and Prudential Insurance.

Lee Hill of new business ARCANA Toys & Games high fives the crowd.

Lee Hill of new business ARCANA Toys & Games high fives the crowd. Photo by Cathy Miller.

Bredin served on the WBID Board of Directors since its inception in 2003, but was instrumental in the formation of the organization prior to that as well. Bredin, who has held multiple Executive Board posts over the years, most recently as treasurer, retired from the board at the end of last year. Bredin, a longtime resident, in fact has been a business leader throughout the county, having served on various business organizations over the years.

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