Charlie Fineran’s Photo Of The Week Is ‘Tolkien’

One of my favorite places is Van Campen’s Lower Glen just off Old Mine Rd., in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  Van Campens Brook, running through the glen, is famous for its cool clean waters, allowing wild trout to spawn naturally.  The Glen’s setting, a beautiful rocky brook, bubbling and rushing through a deep, narrow and forest lined glen!  The visitor, gets a ‘Tolkien’ sense of being part of the immediate surroundings, and also has the sense of isolation, from a civilized world!  No matter what season, the ever changing shadows, in combination with small rays of sunlight, reflecting off the water, rocks and plant life, creates a wonderful surreal setting!  NOTE: While a truly special site/sight the visitor must pay attention while walking! The trail is right along the stream and several times climbs up along the steep banks of the ravine! PLEASE NOTE:  Hurricane Irene wiped out the trail and damaged the site in late August 2011!  This area was closed for over a year.  The Park Service did a masterful job rebuilding the trail, BUT, the visitor must still pay attention on a visit!!  I recently visited this site and found it challenging with ice across the trail from springs & that was with no snow!!

This trip started at the Lower Glen parking area and I worked my way up beyond the waterfall by climbing up a rock stairway.  I reached a point where I couldn’t continue and I did not want to go back down along the trail!  Plan B, I scrambled up through the side of the glen to the road and then returned to my car.  Some nice photos looking down from the road into the glen.

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