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We are delighted to have the beautiful photography of Charlie Fineran grace Inside Warren. Every Monday we’ll be posting one of Charlie’s photos and his accompanying commentary. Enjoy this week’s photo, and every week’s Photo of the Week.

The Delaware Water Gap is by far the grandest physical feature in the entire Northeast.  And Mount Tammany in the Water Gap is 1526 feet, one of the highest points in the county.  We are  approaching the first day of WINTER, December 21st, after two small snows and some cold temperatures, WINTER is becoming reality!

The photo was taken from atop the large open rock area on Mount Tammany, known as Indian Head. The view is looking down to the Delaware River and across at Mount Minsi, located in Pennsylvania, which forms the south side of the Water Gap.  This site/sight is in Worthington State Forest, known for some of the roughest terrain in New Jersey, all amid, the vast Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area which stretches 40 miles along both sides of the Delaware River and is one of the most visited Parks in the Country!!

Indian Head is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the entire region.  There are many trails leading there, by far, the SHORTEST, the STEEPEST and MOST SCENIC is Tammany Trail!!  You are treated to one spectacular view after another as you literally hike up and along the face of Mount Tammany, the good news, going back down via the Blue Trail is an easy beautiful journey leading to Dunnfield Creek and the Appalachian Trail before returning to the parking area.

One last observation, the Delaware Water Gap with busy Interstate 80 following the River along its base is viewed by millions each year.  Visiting the top of Mount Tammany is one of the most popular hikes in the region, HOWEVER, the physical challenges of the hike, do limit those visitations to the more serious hiker.  I believe websites such as ‘Inside Warren’ play an important role in introducing areas such as this to ALL, regardless of any individual challenges, ranging from physical to just having the time!!  This is very important, as it begins to build an awareness which leads to a conception of worth and importance!!  These beautiful Open Space Areas belong to You. Support your Parks!

Please visit my Flickr site Delaware Water Gap – winter for more of  my photos:

Enjoy Your Open Space

Charlie Fineran

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