Charlie Fineran’s Pic Of The Week ‘Colorful’

A truly special Sunset!!!  The conditions were just perfect!  The location is Youngs Island Road, Allamuchy Township. This time of year the viewer has the sun setting over the distant mountains, with an un-inhibited view, looking out over the vast sod and farm fields.

This night’s ‘sunset’ was not that impressive, a lot of dark clouds with the sun in and out, until the sun actually disappeared below the horizon.  THEN, a laser beam of light began to appear, shooting straight into the sky above where the sun went down, AND, the dark clouds closest to the horizon began to light up with color, ever expanding their color up into and over the entire sky!!  I said color, let me amend that, COLORS!!  Not many colors all at once, NO, different phases of color, almost like distinct separate sunsets of one color!

What began as a yellow sky, transitioned to orange then red finally phasing into darkness with some ever darkening purples.  The light beam I referred to is known as a sun pillar, created by reflection of light from numerous tiny ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

I am assuming, with this photo and description, you might be thinking that my article will be about sunsets!!??  No, I came across this photo, soon realizing, this is my ‘Photo of the Week’ !!  A colorful way to introduce my story, Warren County’s Natural Beauty!  The photo tour will be told by a collage of photos, taken throughout our wonderful Open Space Areas!!  Thought this might be a avenue of, wetting your appetites, with a realization, there is an ‘awful lot of stuff’ out there!!  Didn’t want you to worry about me running out of photos or stories to tell!!  I have a lot on file and you never know what I might come across in my travels.  Each of the photos is labeled where or what it is & each has a story to tell.  You might recognize some photos from earlier posts.

Our backyards, Warren County, is truly a special place! Warren County is full of beautiful natural wonders, abundant wildlife, interesting historical sites with many recreational and cultural events throughout AND it is all just waiting for you to visit and enjoy with your Family and Friends!  Hope these articles aid in your learning about Warren County, NJ – Natural Beauty.

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Enjoy Your Open Space
Charlie Fineran

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