Charlie’s Photo Of The Week Depicts Nature Rampage

This week’s “Photo of the Week” is literally an introduction to a journey back in time, a journey depicting Nature on the Rampage – Major Delaware River Flood, early April 2005. But more on that later. First, let’s talk about the Delaware River and its River Basin that includes almost all of Warren County.

I believe that if residents of Warren County were asked to write a list of words describing the River, that list would contain the following words, beautiful, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, hiking!  Words that describe fun Family recreational activities, the reason for that, we are so fortunate in Warren County, to have easy access to the River!  The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and Worthington State Forest provide so many opportunities for the visitor to enjoy this magnificent River.  The remainder of the River’s journey in Warren County is meandering through beautiful Open Space, including farmlands and forested mountains. If you are not an outdoors enthusiast Phillipsburg has a wonderful waterfront with many sites/sights!

NOTE:  Warren County is but a small portion of the River and its vast basin!

Some interesting facts about the Delaware River & its Basin:

Longest un-dammed river east of the Mississippi

Main stem 330 miles in length

Drainage Area – 13,539 square miles

Includes PA, NY, NJ and DE

Provides 5% of the nation’s drinking water

Provides New York City with 50% of its drinking water

Accessible within a short drive to 20% of the people living in the U.S.

To learn more about The Delaware & Basin visit –

Our photo tour this week takes place in the Delaware Water Gap, views from both sides of the swollen raging River!  I believe the Delaware Flood of early April 2005 ranks fourth on the all-time list of Delaware floods.  If you remember, there were two other major floods along the Delaware this was the 2nd of the three major floods. Keep in mind that the Kittatinny Visitor Center shown in the photos was torn done and replaced by a new building atop pilings.

Please visit my Flickr site for your photo tour –

The Musconetcong River is a tributary to the Delaware and part of the Delaware River Watershed.  These photos depict the raging Musky at Saxton Falls, Stephens State Park, Willow Grove Rd., Rt. 46 dam in Hackettstown and Union Cemetery also in Hackettstown during the same time period, April 2005.

I have added some photos showing the Delaware River during this flood in the Delaware Water Gap.  I added several photos showing sites under more normal water levels which should help bring home the magnitude of these three great floods.

Please visit this site for photos of the Musconetcong River –

In closing, both the Delaware & Musconetcong Rivers are nationally designated as ‘Wild & Scenic’, today’s visit is looking at both in the Wild mode!!  Always keep in mind, no matter where you are, when dealing with Nature, ‘there is another side of the coin’ & it can flip quicker than you think!!

Yours in Open Space!

Charlie Fineran

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