This Weekend: WNTI Stage Heats Up Summer

The iconic Los Straightjackets, Garland Jeffreys and Incendio are among the featured bands set to take the stage at this year’s WNTI Stage Music Festival July 15-17.

Over the course of three days on two different stages, there will be a host of acts covering an array of genres, from singer-songwriters to full-steam-ahead rock and roll bands.

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Los Straightjackets, traveling in from California, is one of the most entertaining surf rock bands anywhere. Over the years the band has developed a cult following through its tight instrumentation and gimmicky stage shows. When performing live, band members dress identically, wearing black clothing, gold Aztec medallions, and personalized Mexican wrestling masks. Amis (aka “Daddy-O Grande”) is the only member who speaks, introducing songs in fast, badly accented Spanish.

As time goes on, their stage shows have become more elaborate. Shows frequently feature choreography and guest vocalists.

Garland Jeffrey’s background is unique; his Puerto Rican and African American heritage has influenced his songwriting.  

“It’s affected my songwriting in a major way when it comes to how race has influenced it,” he said. “My grandmother came from Puerto Rico; My mother was born in the States. I had quite an interesting family, to say the least. But the music itself does not come from any of that. Early on in my career, I started writing songs about issues, and the race issue [was just one of several areas that was focused on].”

Incendio is described in the following way:  An exotic melody accompanies a desert caravan moving beneath a blazing sun. The sound of waves wash against a pristine South American beach. A lone flamenco guitar echoes through the cobbled streets of old Sevilla. And a lilting three quarter time rhythm conjures images of the rolling green hills of Ireland. The music is cinema. It is sound given shape and color. This is the music of Incendio.

Among the other acts during the weekend will be the Grand Slambovians, the Dana Gaynor Band, and comedian Uncle Floyd. 

Presented by online radio station from Centenary University, in partnership with Kennedy Event Services, WNTI Stage is now in its fifth year.

The festival is held at the Lions Pavilion on Route 46 in Knowlton Township.

The food menu is as diverse as the music, with everything from seafood to vegetarian to American Classic food available. Vendors selling a variety of products from jewelry to funky tee-shirts will also be on hand.

Friday hours are 6-10 p.m., Saturday 12-10 p.m., and Sunday, 12-7 p.m. The charge for admittance is $20 on Friday and Sunday, $25 on Saturday. Children 12 and under free, and parking is free as well.  

Organizers ask that coolers and pets are left home.

For a full schedule of acts or to buy tickets, please visit

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