Zanne Johnson’s Alluring Artwork On Display At WCCC

"Periaqueductal Gray Constructing Magenta Wall", an oil paint on plexiglass by April Zanne Johnson, is currently on exhibit in the WCCC Gallery Hall.

Explore sensory perception through the abstract world of painter April Zanne Johnson, a Warren County Community College adjunct professor who is currently being featured in the college’s art gallery.

The exhibit, located in the Second Floor Gallery on WCCC’s Washington campus, is free and open to the public during college hours through mid-February.

April Zanne Johnson

April Zanne Johnson

Of her work, Zanne Johnson says, “The possibility exists that our world is no more than a nanoscopic element contained in a megalithic organism. What technology could ever exist, to see such a megalithic form in whole? I enjoy fantasizing about these ideas, and my work develops rapidly from these thoughts.”

She creates lively daydream-like pieces by borrowing and blending neurological and landscape imagery, associating colors and patterns with sound, and imagining what might be perceived in nature if only the technology existed.

“Although my visual parallels are based in science, these forms do not exist in the physical world, but rather enjoy floating in my synesthetic world of infinite possibility,” she says.

Zanne Johnson and her work have been featured in several publications, including London’s Fresh Paint Magazine and Huffington Post Arts & Culture. Her paintings have been exhibited on three separate continents. In addition, she has been featured by Saatchi Art (London and Los Angeles) and was recently featured in Saatchi Art, Canvas.

Warren County Community College, located at 475 Route 57 West in Washington with additional courses in Phillipsburg, offers a full line of degree programs, including Fine Arts and Graphic and Web Design. Non-degree art classes are also available through the college’s Continuing Education program. For more about WCCC, visit You can check out Zanne Johnson’s website at

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