Karmabridge Launches Program For Vets

Karmabridge Acupuncture & Herbals, P.C., in Hackettstown, recently opened its Community Acupuncture Room for Veterans & Active Duty Military from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Friday for a special program.

Many combat veterans as well as active duty military personnel suffer from acute traumatic stress. They may have flashbacks, panic, anxiety, insomnia, suicidal ideation or any number of symptoms. A June, 2007 Washington Post article reported that, “nearly 40% of soldiers, one-third of Marines and one-half of the National Guard members” are reporting symptom of mental health issues. In response, Karmabridge Acupuncture & Herbals, P.C. is stepping up to help.

Ruth A. Karmazon, L.Ac., Director of Karmabridge Acupuncture & Herbals, P.C. is the daughter of WWII veteran Chief Petty Officer William Karmazon. Ruth understands how much veterans and their families can be affected by the experience of military service. She says, “My father’s time in WWII shaped my childhood, my formative years and my adulthood. My father lived his life protecting us even after the war, always giving up so much so that we could have it better than he.” “This Community Acupuncture Clinic for Veterans and Active Duty Military is our way of giving back to the brave men and women who serve our country and keep us safe.”

Community Style Acupuncture, done in a group setting, helps people realize they are not alone in their feelings. Participants receive a highly effective research-documented 5-point acupuncture protocol that is great for quieting the mind, calming stress & anxiety, enhancing sleep, healing trauma and post-traumatic stress (PTS). The treatment lasts 30-45 minutes. The more you do it, the better you’ll feel. 

Larry Hardy, a veteran who has received acupuncture treatment at Karmabridge says, “It is better than drugs!”

Research has shown that acupuncture is a helpful somatic therapy that rebalances the brain, nervous system and endocrine system after significant stress. Acupuncture treatment, especially shortly after exposure to traumatic events, can help prevent the development of PTS. With more extended treatment, acupuncture can restore resiliency for those who suffer from long-term PTS.

Raul Rojas, a veteran and clinic participant in Albuquerque found great value in his local  program and said, “I believe that because of the acupuncture treatments I have become calmer and my anxiety level has drastically come down. I’m able to sleep more restfully and longer and without nightmares or flashbacks... Acupuncture is helping me get my life back.”

Call 908-852-1267 for more information or to reserve a seat. Karmabridge Acupuncture & Herbals, P.C. is located at 490 Schooley’s Mountain Rd., #3B, Hackettstown, NJ 07840. www.karmabridge.com. Suggested donation is $10.00.

Karmabridge has been improving the health of the community for more than 15 years.


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